vitamin C
vitamin c

What are the advantages of cosmetic ingredients with vitamin C on the skin?

vitamin c could be a powerful inhibitor that brightens our skin, supports vitamin C production, protects against sun rays, reduces blemishes, and against signs of aging.

Skin aging is a complicated organic process that happens as a result of a mix of genetic and environmental factors.

whereas 20% of the causes that age our skin are caused by our genetics, 80% are caused by environmental factors appreciate ultraviolet rays,

  • environmental pollution,
  • smoking,
  • radiation,
  • and chemicals.

These environmental factors injure the skin through aerobic stress on the skin’s surface.

why vitamin c is good for skin

With several products developed today, it’s aimed to delay skin aging. vitamin C could be a terribly powerful inhibitor for our skin and neutralizes oxidative stress on the skin.

In different words, it removes free radicals that damage the skin from the skin surface and passes the signs of aging. vitamin C is protecting against photoaging.

It prevents the aging impact of the sun on the skin conjointly with the} development of skin cancer. vitamin C is the most significant building block of our skin, its support protein.

It plumps our skin and prevents it from sagging. vitamin C is what offers the skin a sense of tightness and glowing.

vitamin C is critical for the biogenesis of collagen, which protects our skin against aging. vitamin C also reduces the breakdown of collagen within the skin. also plays a vital role in lightening dark spots.

By reducing the performance of the tyrosinase enzyme, it prevents the assembly of animal pigment, the skin tone is equalized, and existing spots are opened.

Why ought we elect those with ascorbic acid when selecting a cosmetic product and what should we have a tendency to listen to?

vitamin c brightens the skin and repairs fine lines and wrinkles. It reduces the color variations on the skin and helps to lighten the spots.

Removes disease of the skin and acne scars. we have a tendency to advocate regular use of products containing vitamin C for brighter, tighter, and electric sander skin.

so as for it to point out its anti-aging effects, vitamin C should be a gift in products in concentrations of 10-20%. a product containing terribly high doses of ascorbic acid will cause skin sensitization.

A product with a lower dose could also be ineffective.

In addition, it’s vital that the hydrogen ion concentration of the merchandise is a smaller amount than 3.5 for the vitamin to be absorbed and effective at the best level.

vitamin C is littered with air and light. once exposed to light, they endure chemical reactions and degrade easily.

Therefore, cosmetic products containing vitamin C ought to be held on in light-proof packages, however, should we have a tendency to use this ingredient in skin care?

we have a tendency to advocate the exploitation of vitamin C blood serum in our skincare routine before moisturizer.

once cleansing your skin in the morning and evening, apply the vitamin C serum in an exceedingly skinny layer so applying it with a moisturizer provides an additional correct use.

the employment of vitamin C is appropriate for all skin types.

it’s potential to use it no matter summer and winter. During the daytime, you ought to undoubtedly apply your sunblock and even renew it throughout the day.

Are there any side effects of vitamin C?

the protection profile of vitamin C is excellent. It doesn’t cause any side effects. However, retinol, AHA and BHA acids shouldn’t be confused with vitamin C.

as a result of their properties with very totally different hydrogen ion concentration levels can cut back the results of every different or cause post-reaction irritation.

Briefly about vitamin C?

vitamin c is the strongest inhibitor in our skin. it’s an awfully widespread cosmeceutical agent that we are able to use safely because it provides albuminoid production, prevents photoaging, brightens the skin by gapping dark spots and equalizing the skin tone, and reverses the signs of aging appreciate wrinkles.

In short, vitamin C is crucial for healthy, youthful, beamy, and sleek skin.


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