POTASSIUM SALT It has no unusual place residences with each different potassium salts and different carbonicum salts.

The best similarity is with potassium salts.

Potassium is one of the maximum ample factors in nature. It is likewise determined in our frame.

It offers the tone of the molecular wall. It is found in excessive quantities in the molecular and in low quantities out of doors the molecular.

Sodium is going out, potassium is going in.

This function additionally indicates itself withinside the drug picture. The potassium-affected person feels secure in his molecular.

As potassium enters the molecular, it attracts water with it. Potassium affected person has edema. Potassium isn’t determined naturally in nature, it oxidizes in air, and becomes a base in water (potassium hydroxide).

Potassium carbonicum is received from the ash of charcoal.

Natrium carbonicum and potassium carbonicum are determined collectively in ash.

The extraction process is similar to carbo vegetables. Carbo vegetables are charcoal itself.

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