Dear colleagues, whilst we’re speaking approximately the present day covid 19 epidemic and the mutated virus variations that often occupy the timetable, any other difficulty that bothers us is the abuse of this example thru meals and dietary supplements.

While the commercial or advertising of meals dietary supplements is unlawful to even from the show off of pharmacies, they’re marketed with very bold guarantees in lots of current social media, verbal exchange channels, and press organs, mainly thru well-known folks that are diagnosed via way of means of the society, followed via way of means of the society and received the belief of the society.

In fact, fitness advertising is by no means their job. It is some of the responsibilities of healthcare specialists to warn and feature facts approximately those infamous folks that do now no longer care approximately the social troubles and duties with the intention to be created via way of means of knowingly or unknowingly via way of means of paying the rate of advertising.

As an end result of this warning, it is able to be feasible to direct them to take greater useful movements for human fitness and to in part do away with the damage they motive to public fitness without being aware of it.

In this sense, of direction, the project falls to us. It is a crucial timetable object that none folks can do (something to me) and that we can comply with intently as a part of our responsibility. All my colleagues each recognize and feature skilled examples…

Various chocolates in pharmaceutical dosage bureaucracy which include Dragee, Pulverized powder, Injector, Tablet, etc. are supplied on the market in grocery shops and comparable places, in colorings and applications with the intention to appeal to the eye of kids.

It is thought that many kids are uncovered to allergies, choking, and numerous fitness dangers simply due to those.

Due to this example, which is likewise often stated withinside the press, the sale of comparable merchandise withinside the canteens of many faculties is unlawful.

In this sense, unfortunately, the sale maintains in different unaudited income channels.

While our kids couldn’t sufficiently put off and save you this hazard that those treasured assets, which we can entrust our destiny too, should come head to head at any moment, a brand new location of ​​misery become created below the call of meals dietary supplements, which additionally places our adults in hazard.

It is important to intrude in our present-day facts at the concern via way of means of following the trends at the timetable and amassing facts.

This merchandise, which can be pumped to the marketplace below the steps or with a few licenses and certificate effortlessly acquired from the Ministry of Agriculture, without any actual control, are offered thru the aforementioned verbal exchange tools, making such guarantees to our society.

For God’s sake, a lot of our sufferers forestall their medical and scientific remedies, flip to them, and count on recovery, even via way of means of paying critical sums of money.

We can not go away to the mercy of such media if you want to warn our folks that are positioned into comparable expectancies and to tell them the truth, even supposing it’s far because of the first-stage fitness provider vendors and our humanitarian sensitivities.


Especially at some stage in this pandemic, no matter all its urgency, even our citizens, who’ve no hobby in it, found out what form of manner a drug or vaccine with a healing impact needed to undergo if you want to emerge as usable, or accompanied the discussions at the concern.

Thus, in relation to human lifestyles, it’s been found out how our scientists and academicians who offer offerings withinside the area of fitness must be meticulous, and the way tough it’s far to investigate powerful materials and flip it right into a drug with pharmaceutical shape; We have visible that during any such extensive pandemic, without being positive of the studies consequences, without efficaciously passing all phases, no product may be used as a medicinal drug, and it’s far because of the tension of now no longer inflicting irreparable consequences via way of means of dashing it.

And yet, it’s time to speak about whether or not the faux meals dietary supplements which might be produced so carelessly and unconsciously imposed on the general public opinion certainly offer little or maximum of the consequences they declare.

While the surest dose is vital in medicinal drugs, we witness the out-of-control use of a few powerful materials in excessive doses among the reasons for dying we come upon in our daily lifestyles.

Under the call of lifestyles coaching, folks that be given sufferers and produce their full-size knowledge, folks that look at Functional Medicine and advocate their customers on remedy, Those who take complementary medicinal drugs and perform this commercial enterprise with a certificate, Attars who soak up medicinal drug!

All the ones we depend on and do now no longer depend, with the certificate they have got acquired from the government that doesn’t have any scientific authority as a foundation for themselves, they adopt top-notch works, open remedy facilities with top-notch guarantees, and do now no longer hesitate to announce them thru the clicking and media.

Attars; Just like pharmacists, they’ll of direction promote positive merchandise which includes spices, herbs, etc…

(apart from the ones which have been protected withinside the Turkish pharmacopeia and are prohibited via way of means of regulation to be offered outdoors of pharmacies) withinside the limits to be drawn for them.

They additionally have the proper to pursue their career and lifestyles.

But they should do that with dignity, now no longer via way of means of overriding responsibilities from others.

In particular, they have to by no means gift their merchandise to the general public with a photograph of a drug via way of means of placing them in pharmaceutical bureaucracy.

The healing claims of that pharmaceutical bureaucracy have to now no longer be in any respect.

If they declare otherwise, they’re obliged to show their claims and gift their scientific and medical evidence.

In order to decrease the social damage of the problem: meals dietary supplements and comparable merchandise, if there’s a Health Claim Claim: Exclusive to Pharmacies and offered best in Pharmacies, withinside the maximum perfect packaging with the claimed fitness claims, with the maximum perfect garage and utilization conditions, protected in a pluggable coding gadget. maybe packaged and placed on the marketplace.

Our Turkey has set an instance in the arena with ITS coding in medicinal drugs and has come to a function wherein it could marketplace the application. It also can obtain this via way of means of breaking new floors in meals and dietary supplements.

It can save you all varieties of abuse via way of means of tracking those merchandise in pharmaceutical shape in any respect degrees from manufacturing to consumption, it could do that thru pharmacies via way of means of the usage of the prevailing media gadget with its well-suited infrastructure, for this reason enhancing the gadget and exporting a brand new version with the intention to set an instance for the entire world.

Infrastructure works associated with this practice, that may revolutionize our Blue World pharmacy, may be matured in workshop corporations with the intention to be shaped with the participation of TITCK, Turkish Pharmacists Association, Chambers of Pharmacists, Pharmacist Non-Government Organizations, Pharmaceutical OTC Companies, and possibly SGK, all important establishments, and organizations.

By knowing the prison law with the intention to position and cease the chaos withinside the area, the political authority can position cease to this chaotic environment, and save you the hopes and expectancies of human beings suffering to regain their fitness from being wasted.

A controllable location is created for pharmacies that might be compelled to rent more employees, which include auxiliary pharmacies, 2. pharmacy, wherein they are able to use those skilled employees withinside the maximum green way.

We are calling the entrepreneurial spirits who will offer this possibility and could now no longer deprive the pharmacist and civil public vote to duty, it’s time to convert the piecemeal and unexplained works withinside the area right into reformed, prepared paintings as quickly as feasible and remodel them into relevant formats, With the wish and expectation of being capable of complying with the trends collectively and speak their consequences in those lines,

live satisfied and properly and see you in new article…

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