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In recent years, it’s seen that the amount of counterfeit medication that causes serious health issues within the world pharmaceutical market has been increasing.

These non-standard fake drugs, which are thought-about poor quality copies of original products, will cause resistance to diseases, incapacity, and even death rather than treating diseases.

The conception of counterfeit medicine, which has been on the agenda in Turkey recently, has attracted attention, particularly with the news that over thirty counterfeit cancer drugs were made in Turkey and unfolded everywhere in the world, which was additionally mirrored within the media in 2013.

in step with this news, ninety-five cancer patients exploiting counterfeit medication were detected and their condition worsened once they started using counterfeit drugs.

Counterfeit medication Forgery could be a terribly serious crime that considers the full world.

particularly in the production of counterfeit drugs; Stimulant substances like amphetamine, and products containing Viagra, and tadalafil utilized in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it’s legendary that medication with high prices like cancer drugs and antibiotics are preferred.

Counterfeit medicines are most simply obtained from the internet, medicines are bought quickly and at cheaper prices. particularly patients who cannot move to the pharmacy throughout operating hours, who have problems establishing a dialogue with aid professionals, and who don’t wish to disclose their health standing to their families and employers who choose to take their medications via the internet.

in step with the globe Health Organization (WHO), among the causes of counterfeiting medication

– Inadequacy/lack of commonality in drug legislation and regulation,

– The exportation countries don’t take adequate measures in this regard,

– light cooperation between stakeholders,

– High drug costs and

– Weak criminal sanctions count.

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What are the categories of counterfeit medication and their risks?

– Counterfeit medicines containing active ingredients save for those specified on the packaging could result in an accidental overdose, drug interaction, and even death.

For example, during a case wherever a symptom was reported because of counterfeit drug use, it absolutely was found that the drug, which was stated to contain tadalafil in its package, contained low-dose Viagra and really high-dose glibenclamide.

the very fact that the drug-containing glibenclamide at a level to cause death because of symptom shock solely contains tadalafil in its package causes difficulties within the treatment of such cases.

– products that don’t contain a lively ingredient or have light amounts of active ingredients may additionally cause serious adverse effects on human health due to ineffectiveness.

In one of the counterfeit drug cases, it absolutely was determined that the medication sold-out to be used in the treatment of AIDS contained the antidepressant drug fluvoxamine and also the relaxant cyclobenzaprine HCl, and it absolutely was reported that the patients most well-liked these medications as a result of they were cheap.

As during this example, impotency could be a vital adverse impact and it’s legendary that it may end up in death, particularly once diseases like infectious diseases, heart diseases, polygenic disorders, and cancer aren’t treated.

– Counterfeit medicines containing higher amounts of active substance than indicated on the package may cause serious adverse effects on health: during a study conducted in 2007-2010, it absolutely was determined that drug counterfeiting in Brazil was principally created in products containing Viagra change state and tadalafil, that are utilized in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

once forty-three original products and sixty-five counterfeit medications were examined within the study, it was reported that counterfeit drugs contained additional active substances.

– the utilization of active substances withdrawn from the market as counterfeit drugs in the market will increase the danger of death.

For example, it’s been determined that a lot of weight loss drugs, which are claimed to be of flavoring origin, contain the active ingredient sibutramine, which was withdrawn from the market in 2010 on the grounds that it exaggerated the danger of heart attack.

Counterfeiting is harmful in altogether areas, however, counterfeiting in medication is life-threatening! countless individuals die once a year because of poor quality / counterfeit drug use.

These drugs cause overdose, ineffectiveness, and death by inflicting drug resistance. All aid professionals within the drug chain have serious responsibilities in this regard.

For example, by covering adverse reactions, counterfeit drug cases will be detected additional quickly. Forgery, which is a drawback of all developed/underdeveloped countries, could be a terribly serious crime. so as to form awareness of society against counterfeit products, we want to stay an identical distance from all or any areas of counterfeiting, like counterfeit books and counterfeit watches.

Since the Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System (ITS) came into impact in our country, pharmacies haven’t had any problems with counterfeit medicines. From the producer and bourgeois to the consumer, the ways that medication is taken are known.

Source: – Sipahi H, Peltekoglu K, Sencan N. Adverse effects of counterfeit drugs on public health. Constantinople pill pusher Journal (J Fac Pharm Istanbul), 44(1): 89-99 (2014)

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