Permitted drugs at Turkish airport terminals


Permitted drugs at Turkish airport terminals
Permitted drugs at Turkish airport terminals

What you will certainly review in this short article

  1. Obtaining a drug import permit in Turkey
  2. Crucial factors concerning transferring medication to Turkey
  3. Forbidden medicines in Turkey

Each country acts in its very own method regarding the arrival of medicine by vacationers. Turkey is one of the nations that have strict legislation pertaining to the transport of medicines by guests and has enforced such strict regulations to stop the prohibited import of drugs and their subsequent abuse. According to Turkish flight terminal laws, you have virtually no best to lug any medication to go into the country unless you have proof of the demand for medicine.

Acquiring a drug import license in Turkey

To get authorization to transfer the medicine to Turkey, you should experience the following actions:

  • Get a legitimate prescription from a physician who functions under the Ministry of Health and also Medical Education.
  • Send the copy for official translation in English or Turkish to trusted institutions. The translated variation should have a printed stamp.
  • Send the documents including the passport as well as the duplicate to the Turkish Consular office and also wait on your documents to be examined.
  • Get the drug import permit from the Turkish consular office and also bring it along with various other records.

Crucial factors about moving medicine to Turkey

  • Maintain the medicine authorization offered as well as reveal it to the boss at the Turkish airport.
  • Carry medications in their corresponding covers as well as purely stay clear of moving them to various other bundles.
  • Do not attempt to take medication to Turkey without a certificate. Severe consequences such as imprisonment and also hefty penalties await you.
  • If you require a freeze pack for medicine, tell the airport officials.
  • Liquid medicines in the quantity of about 100 grams can be taken on an aircraft in a bag.
  • You might be asked to open up the medicine door to see within.
  • The number of drugs should be at most as long as your visa is valid.

Prohibited medicines in Turkey

As we stated, you need legitimate authorization to transport medicine to Turkey, and any medicine is not permitted to enter this country. In spite of this, there is a list of banned medications that are badly dealt with in Turkey and a few other nations, and serious penalty waits for the service provider. These medications consist of:

  • Anesthetics containing codeine and drugs such as acetaminophen, codeine, tramadol, etc – Psychotropic medications ideal for the treatment of disorders such as anxiety, anxiety, etc such as chlordiazepoxide, clonazepam, and so on – Central nervous system energizers such as amphetamine household medications (adrenal, Ritalin).
  • Hypnotic medications such as Ambien, Intermec, and so on – Marijuana.
  • Drugs for quitting the dependency.
  • Cold medicines consisting of wicks and Sudafed, such as soft drink cold, cold stop, and so on – Benadryl or Diphenhydramine.

When taking a trip to Turkey, be extremely obsessed with taking medication. If you actually require medication, experience the legal process of lugging it.

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